Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jose Canseco, would you please call me?

It's been a long time since I have written! To be honest, I am BORED of waiting for my lawyer to come back with a better offer for the one option. I also took on a new project producing for an internet start up and yes I am bored with that as well. What I really miss is the excitement of coming up with something NEW and fun to pitch!!

I have a great concept that I want to pitch that centers around Jose Canseco and his journey to rebuild his life and have a second career. The guy is totally broke, and for one of the greatest all time baseball players he hit rock bottom a few times, and I know that he can hit the top again. I saw his A&E documentary and ever since I can't stop thinking about creating my next show around him. I've gotten through his first gatekeeper who has forwarded my info on to him, but I may just have to go down to Barney's Beanery and hang out sitting pretty on a bar stool to talk to him. BUT in the case that you may have contact with him could you please email me or get in touch with me asap!! I know he use to live in Encino...

So if you are reading this Jose, "pick up your phone and call me," that is if you have a phone - Just kidding. Seriously, lets make some money together! We can package this up all nice!