Monday, September 29, 2008


While watching the Today Show this morning, Matt was interviewing Alice Schroeder, who wrote "The Snowball, Warren Buffett and the Business of Life." She spoke about focus and Warren (being the richest man in the world) and how he built up his wealth - by utilizing his focus.

I think having focus on your project or end goal is very important. The majority of people out there don't achieve their end goals. They often give up before seeing the end results. You need to have great ambition. Odds are always going to be stacked up against you and you really have to keep your head down and focus on that goal.

People who actually have goals are more likely to succeed, because they have motivation. And you can't stay on goal if you lose your focus. And remember to set yourself apart from everyone else. Attention on your goal has to be sharp keeping focus at it all the time. The path will not always be smooth, and again in the end most people end up quitting.
Thinking about focus - are you a left brain or right brain thinker?

*"The right-brained person sees that all problems are connected and are related to each other in some way. Their reasoning can be divergent, and creative. The non-linear individual does not look forward or back. There is a sense of being in the moment, and a loose grasp on the concept of time. This style is interested in brainstorming and exploring options. They will be more receptive to the obscure solutions, and consider all possibilities. Events are connected, so even the most bizarre circumstances can be justified in the strong right-brained individual. This person has the ability to suspend judgment and explore the reasoning behind the actions of the individual. These type of thought patterns characterize the right-brained person."

*"The left-brained individual, or linear thinking person has a different focus. This person sees problems as separate and individual. Each problem needs a unique solution. The left-brained individual believes that by making lists, planning days, and adhering to agendas much can be accomplished. This person believes that by sticking to the rules you can get ahead. This style of thought is devoted to finding out how to get through a situation and onto the next. This style has a need to maintain control of separate events, so that everything can be neatly packaged and handled."

Keeping focus can be hard to do, and it will take a lot of due diligence. Just forget about the doubters because they will just fade into the background like they were never there to begin with. There are always going to be a few along the way. In the business of Entertainment, there will always be an idea or project being pitched just like yours, someone that passes, someone that likes it, someone that wants it etc. Believe in yourself and FOCUS, you'll get somewhere trust me!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Hype. Hype is not always bad. Having excitement around your project is not a bad thing at all. Its actually really helpful if you ask me. The more people who blog, comment, or write about you - good or bad - its all good. Twitter, Digg you name it talk about me!! Hype makes me think of Marky Mark for some reason. Maybe, its because I'm from Boston, and the fact that life is all about Good Vibrations....ok I will stop.

Anyway, all that buzz means attention...attention your or my way. I have had so much attention; the cover of Kiplingers Magazine, the Huffington Post, network execs, three radio shows, and a bunch of newspapers interviewing me and honestly, I really want a bunch of people talking about me... people I love and people I could care less about. Its no fun if you don't have people talking about you and man are a lot of people talking about me. Good and bad what ever anyone is saying, writing, doing - I love it. And the fact that there are people sitting around discussing what I am doing and have I done this or that makes me want to take your face and rub it into a cake and lick it off of your face...and spit it all over you. Thank you!!! Right -Hype -I love it.

I'm back to developing a new set of six concepts so I have a new set of pitches to pitch! I have one option, one network interested in the Titus project, two pilot ideas that need flushing and a new author I am pitching to networks. I am the happiest I have been my whole entire life and the fact that I have absolutely nothing to write about makes me its all about the Hype.

Go watch your TiVo of the debate. I am ever patiently waiting for my Obama T-shirt to come in the mail for my rather large donation to the campaign...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This blog is awesome. One of the best uncensored breakdowns of the agent/creative love/hate relationship.

read more | digg story

Monday, September 22, 2008

How I Got There

Back in 2005, Newsweek did a great cover story on 20 of America's most Powerful Women on their lives, and the lessons they've learned. The main article titled "How I got there," features none other than Oprah Winfrey, Vera Wang, Karen Hughes, Vera Rubin, Anne Sweeney and several others. I feel like it all ties in to DRIVE. I wrote an earlier blog about Drive and found it interesting how Oprah, Vera, Anne Sweeney and other powerful women got there...

On Oprah, "I'm very conscious and cautious about what I do in my personal life and what I put out into the universe through the airwaves because I realize I'm speaking to millions of people in 118 countries who all have their varying ways of interpreting what I have said. Where I am on the show is always where I am personally, and where I am right now is in a space where I realize that I have less time remaining on earth than I have had--unless there's going to be some miracle that's going to give me another 50 years. The realization of that is exciting and constantly stimulating."

"Success is a magnifying glass on your personality. Who you are just becomes more intense. The real beauty of having material wealth is that you don't have to worry about paying the bills and you have more energy to be concerned about the things that matter: How do I accelerate my humanity? How do I use who I am on earth for a purpose that's bigger than myself? How do I align the energy of my soul with my personality and use my personality to serve my soul? My answer always comes back to self. There is no moving up and out into the world unless you are fully acquainted with who you are. You cannot move freely, speak freely, act freely, be free unless you are comfortable with yourself."

On Vera Wang: "I knew the world I wanted to be in, but I wasn't sure I could break into that world. My mother was an incredible clotheshorse, so I grew up loving fashion. I lived in Paris during my junior and senior years at Sarah Lawrence. When you're in Paris, you can't help but notice fashion. I wanted something to do with fashion. I would have done anything. I would have swept floors. I would have licked envelopes. I just wanted to be part of it."

"In the summers, I worked for Yves Saint Laurent--as a salesgirl in the boutique on Madison Avenue. I met Frances Patiky Stein, an editor at Vogue. She told me to give her a call when I got out of college. I did and I got a job. She felt I had a special something. On my first day at Vogue, I wore Saint Laurent and my nails were painted black or red, which was very much the rage in Paris at the time for young women. The editors looked at me and said, Go home and get changed because you're going to be doing dirt work. I came back wearing jeans. It was a dream come true."

"Vogue is a seductive place because of what you get to see and what you're privy to; it's a world that I can't even explain. I thought I would do it for a year or two and I ended up staying 16 years. During that time, I rose to be one of the youngest editors ever in the history of Vogue. By 23, I was a senior editor, and then I became European editor for American Vogue in Paris."

As Cathie Black says "drive is what sets you apart from everyone else. Focusing on your strength's and work on your weaknesses and keep a balanced perspective you'll naturally accrue power along the way." What are YOU focused on? I know what I am focused on and its on my pipeline. The seeds I'm planting. The relationships I am building. Giving back and being of service. I'm not focused on anything or anyone else. I care that you read my blog but at the same time, I don't have an attachment to whether you read it or not. I want you to succeed just like I want to. In my opinion our drive says a lot about who you are and what makes you tick. I feel that I share the same drive like that of Black, Wang and Oprah. How about you?

What does your Pipeline Look Like?

Last year I tripled my income, this year I'm planting all the seeds! Last year has afforded me the luxury of going out and meeting key people in Hollywood and pitching my ideas. My pipeline will pay off - I took the time necessary to develop ideas and concepts and meet the key people in my industry that I needed to meet. Its been my dream to just focus on pitching my concepts for as long as I can remember. I can't stress enough to friends that finding something you love to do truly makes life happier and more enjoyable.

Again, all things take time and I have heard so many stories from other women producers and creatives where if they had given up or listened to those "NAYSAYERS" that their project probably would have never been produced. I know I am doing a lot - pitching and selling a television show or a movie is not the easiest thing to do... I read something recently that told how it took 13 years for the recent movie "The Women," to become the movie it is today starring Meg Ryan. I also previously blogged about Mark Burnett and his journey. Journey's are like pipelines. I have faith in the Universe and I am ready to receive all the good based on all of my hard work.

Did you watch the Emmy's last night? I really was quite bored by the whole 60th affair. I remember when I first moved to Hollywood, I went to the greatest Emmy parties and it was a big to-do! Now, instead of inviting friends over for cocktails to see all the fashion and funny speeches, I watch, do laundry, watch, email, watch, comment on fashion, watch and do sit ups...

The highlight of the whole affair last night: Ricky Gervais regaining his Emmy from Steve Carell!! That was hilarious! I of course loved the ending and Jimmy giving out the Emmy for best Reality Host...made me feel like it was a reality show mock which was brilliant. Other than that, like I said yawning...boring.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Huffington Post

Today I am featured in an article on the Huffington Post! I would love everyone to go and check out the article! It ties in with the press from Kiplinger's Personal Finance October 2008 issue that I am on the cover of! Eli Davidson, my coach wrote the article in her weekly column on the HP...

Thank you to everyone for your support and wishes!

xoxo Nicole

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


DRIVE...In my world, I will do whatever it takes to get me to the next level, pump up my pitches and sell a show to a Network. That's because I have DRIVE. If I didn't I would be depressed and a mess. Today I pitched Bunim/Murray and learned quite a lot. The person that I pitched was reality smart, greatly resourceful and gave me some additional insight for some of my concepts. My first meeting with Darnell's office for Devil's Workshop was as I predicted... "RESCHEDULED." I hear that office is notorious for rescheduling and cancelling meetings at the last minute. Man, I hope its not 6 for 6 coming up here...anyway I am rambling...back to DRIVE...

My drive is literally on 100 m.p.h. In Cathie Black's book, "Basic Black, The Essential Guide to Getting Ahead," she writes about DRIVE. She defines DRIVE "by doing whatever it takes to propel yourself to the next level, whether its aiming for a big promotion, looking for a new job, accepting a transfer, starting a whole new career or just figuring out the next step in a project. DRIVE is the act of moving forward on your own initiative, and its one of the most important traits to have if you want to succeed in your work and your life!" God I love her. This woman has DRIVE!

Cathie Black is the president of Hearst Magazines, which publishes some of the best known magazines in the world. This woman is genius. If you don't have her book you need to get it and read it!!

I have in the last nine months moved forward so much by my own initiative that I have to give myself a huge hug and kiss. It sounds corny but really have you given yourself the credit you deserve today? I owe quite a lot of credit to my career coach, Eli Davidson for getting me on track and helping me to visualize the life I wanted and now I am living that life right now. And thank you Chris Ryan. What more could I ask for...oh I know a CHECK in my hand!

Well, we got an option the other day for one of our concepts and I couldn't be more excited about that project! Big company, talent attached and fun concept! I would like to have 5 of my concepts optioned before 2009 rolls around. I have planted my seeds, and they are growing! So, Mike if your reading...Titus and I are looking forward to meeting you...FINALLY!?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inspiration, Determination and Risk

Sometimes things happen when the universe is ready to deliver them to you. There is no universal time line that says when things will begin or will end. Through inspiration, determination and risk you set out with your goal and hope for the best.

When it comes to pitching my television concepts, I realize that when the timing is right - the universe will deliver. I did get incredible news on Friday, which I am dying to share, but can’t until everything is in order…

After talking to friends in the industry before I got this good news, they brought up many scenarios and stories of great projects that didn’t happen until the universe was ready to let them happen. There were many stories that involved people who put their heart and soul into writing, creating and pitching all for the hope of a sale. One story stood out in my mind and this person’s determination reminded me of mine and my recent path…it’s about Reality Creator and really the Father of Reality TV, Mark Burnett.

Of course you know of him. His name is Mark Burnett. He is the genius behind the wildly popular "Survivor" and "Apprentice" series. But this reality television producer wasn’t always the hottest reality producer in town. When he first came to Los Angeles he was a nanny…or “manny” as I like to call the male nannies. In 1990, he was selling t-shirts on our beaches.

In 1995, with no television experience he sold a show to MTV called Eco-Challenge. Through inspiration, determination and risk he transformed his life from manny to on his way to becoming a mogul reality tv producer. But it didn’t happen overnight…

In the summer of 1999, he pitched an unknown executive at the time, Ghen Maynard over at CBS. Ghen was a young executive at the network who took a call from Conrad Riggs about a hot producer with an exciting idea for a new kind of show…Burnett was an unknown producer that was producing Eco-Challenge. So on July 27, 1999, Burnett pitched Ghen “Survivor.” In May 2000, Survivor aired and the reality frenzy began! And so did the making of a reality superstar producer and creator.

Here is someone that took many risks. He went out virtually as an unknown and pitched his ideas. He found that “someone” to believe in his idea and who ultimately saw that same vision that Mark saw. It wasn’t easy - even with a big believer like Ghen, who pitched his boss Leslie Moonves several times to get him to see the great vision that he saw in Mark’s idea.
If someone like Mark Burnett who was virtually a nobody in our reality tv world can set out and carve his can you. I say three cheers for anyone who is out pitching and determined with their vision to sell a show. Keep pitching and paint your vision with your words like its a painting...with hard work and determination your bound to be rewarded by the universe if your ideas are good!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Kiplinger's Cover is on News Stands!

It's official! My Cover and cover story are now out on news stands across America! I've gotten hit by a triple whammy with some really GREAT news today...I can't reveal all of it right now but just know that it has to do with my blog and the reason I set out to write the blog in the first place!! It has to do with a Magazine, Television and Radio...

God I can't wait to share it with everyone! Please support and go get a copy and read about my success through paying a career coach. Kiplinger's did a story on my coach Eli Davidson and the magazine interviewed me as a part of a story they were doing about her group coaching program. I did the interview and they called back the next day and said that my story was so inspirational "how would you feel about being on the cover?" My response was "that sounds like so much fun, I would love to!" Here is a big cheer for Eli's program! Thank you Eli!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Road To Making a Sale

I felt compelled to have to write something based on Sarah's comment and MR. Anonymous' comment from my last post. I totally respect her comment and love that I have people interested in my blog...

First things first. Selling a television show is no easy task. I would love to hear your success and all about you selling a show if in fact you are in the business! You just may have some secret ingredient that I don't have wrapped up in my pitches, but you could teach me!? You must not be in this business and don't understand how long it takes and how many seeds you have to plant before you get a sale! I've said before that I think it's a lot of seeds planted, luck, likability factor and lots of other things tied in.

I have seven concepts. I started out in January of this year developing and flushing out the concepts. So from January to May, I spent 5 months on developing. In May 2008, I made a shop and pitch deal for the project that I have with Christopher Titus. MIND YOU THIS WAS MY FIRST PITCH OUT!!! We then started pitching that concept in June of this year. Our pitches for that one show to all the big Networks went through to September! Like I said we have one big bite and one pitch left to do. This project only went straight to the Networks. And you are not sitting in a Network Executives office pitching a show with a major celebrity if its a piece of crap...They screen every pitch before you even sit in their presence! People have tight schedules and meetings get pushed and changed around. Networks are constantly changing their programming schedules around. Network Executives are constantly changing jobs. The Universe is swirling with constant flow.

So, from May until September I was also out by myself at all of the production companies listed pitching my other six concepts. Out of those 10 or so production companies I would say three have given solid passes. But 7 are currently interested in one to four of those six concepts...that's a pretty damn good ratio if you ask me or anyone else who has gone out there and pitched ideas to Network Executives and Production Companies.

You could in fact get a Yes and then at the last minute the network or company decides its not for them, so its a gamble. I am taking a risk pitching. I know I will eventually sell something. This blog is all about my pitching journey and the road to making a SALE!

Also, I love my career. I love what I do and I also love making television. I have my hands in quite a few other projects at the same time that pay me money. People in the film industry know all too well how hard it is to sell a film. There are some films that were huge blockbuster films that took years to get someone to invest in you don't know what you are commenting about...and if you do, please fill me in on your success selling a show. I'd love to hear about it!

My Persistence will pay off...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer 2008 Pitch Schedule

(Me at my Kiplinger's Cover Shoot with the LA Skyline in the background!)

It was a summer full of pitching! I have to say a big thank you to Chris Ryan, my manager over at Oceanside Entertainment. He has done such an amazing job working on my team and booking all of my meetings and following up.
Our Summer pitches included the following Networks & production companies...
It was me and the "suits" at:


Stone & Company
A. Smith & Co.
Granada USA
Intuitive Entertainment

Whew, it was a full schedule that is for sure! We have 6 solid concepts and a bunch of bites. The biggest bite again is with our Devil's Workshop, the show Christopher Titus and I came up with. Here I sit typing and waiting ever so patiently... read my previous posts on how I am waiting patiently for the universe to reward me for all of my hard work! :)

I am in the process of preparing my next six concepts to hit the road with this fall. I've got two of them that I need write treatments for and 4 more that I still need to think up! I actually have two docu-soaps that I am researching. I really need to find more time during the week to really focus on doing the research. One of the subjects is in San Diego and I will need to go down there and sit and watch them a bit more...

In the mean time I am interviewing for Supervising Producing jobs and had a great interview on Monday. Keeping the fingers crossed, because my brain needs some outside stimulation - outside of my own office that is...I love working on shows and love being around people and creating!

I would love to have you comment on my blog! If you have not signed up to get my blog - please do so! I also want to hear if you enjoy reading my blog. Oh and if there is anything else you want me to cover - that you are interested in about pitching.

(I know I have not sold anything just yet, but I have huge bites and its only a matter of time and I know I can give you great advice if you are looking for a pitching question to be answered!) So please comment, sign up and tell me how much you love my blog!?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ask Yourself - Am I Really Giving a Good Pitch?

Saturday, I was a panelist expert at the "Final Draft Take a Meeting" PitchFest. What a great venue for writers new and old to have a chance to pitch their ideas. My managers table was one of two reality television tables taking reality pitches at the event. At exactly 9:30 the clock started to roll as people ran in to the hall to find their "appointment" for the next 15 minutes to give their pitch. So for 15 minutes participants got to try and sell their idea and get sound advice for their projects. What a great inspiring place!

Our first pitch of the morning was the best pitch of the day. I can't say what the pitch was about, but it was in the High School genre. The gal pitching had just graduated from Vanderbilt College and was full of energy. She had done her research and it was a well thought out idea. She took notes from our notes and listened intently as we told her we liked her idea...put together a treatment and get back in touch with us.
Our table was specific to the Reality TV genre and we did have one guy who snuck into our table to sit down and pitch us his "movie." It was all about Cocaine. A town that was duped into eating a cookie that was unannounced to them was made guessed it...COCAINE. I got really confused because he started talking about Sigmund Freud for 10 minutes and then about his story. I felt he took to much time explaining the inspiration for his script rather than his storyline. Anyway, bravo for being there and having the guts to pitch! The rest of the day was filled with average ideas. And my relief for the second half of the day turned out to be 2 other clients of my manager - both of whom are very funny, have great ideas and Sold and idea...Just signed papers this week. So Congrats to them!

Some Components to Giving a Good Pitch:

Introduce yourself, give a brief background of you and then your logline.
The most important thing of your your logline. Get out what your project is about within the first three minutes of your pitch. I personally don't mind if you open with a short sentence on why you thought of the idea, but have your logline memorized and ready to roll off your tongue. "Its a competition to see who gets the most fame...the fastest! The tables are turned on “Celebrity Bloggers” to see if they can make ‘stars’ out of total nobodies, in the ultimate quest for fame. Can just about anyone with a little determination, winning personality and a desire to inspire, become famous?"Now this is one of my own loglines... but you get the picture.

Practice your Pitch!
The thing is, I am not going to be excited if you are not excited about your own creation. I know that its nerve racking to do it all in under 15 minutes, (or how ever long you have) but you have to get over the nervous factor and get your pitch out. Practice your pitch. Do it in front of a mirror. Pitch it to your brother, mother or lover. Just keep practicing. And, you want to be able to have good energy, because it will help people visualize your idea. If you describe it as though its unfolding right there at that very moment - and I can see your excitement THEN I can see your vision and I am going to want to hear more!

Always Have a Back Up!
I say this as experience from pitching. A few scenarios can happen:

A. They have something just like it! What else do you have?

B. Pass, what else do you have?

C. I love it, what else do you have?

Take Constructive Criticism Evenly
When the person listening to your pitch explains to you why they are passing, listen to their comments constructively on why they are passing. Don't get mad if the other person is giving you a pass. Listen, there have been times in my past that Network executives have told me their thoughts on why it wouldn't work at their Network. I take everything they say into my brain - even if I don't agree. Chances are its only going to help me at some point down the road with this project or another one.

All in all it was a good day for me to see just what other people are pitching. You want to be in the know, to see if your ideas are on the money, and to see what not to do! Congratulations to everyone who pitched on Saturday!
P.S. I want to know are there people out there that would be interested if we set up a REALITY TV pitch fest? Please comment and let me know!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Believe in Your Vision

Last night, I was finally finishing up a book I have had on my nightstand since January by Russell Simmons, "Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success."

I got to thinking this morning about how much he stresses in the book to believe in your vision. Never giving up. He gave great examples in one of the chapters about people he knows who never gave up. Kanye West, Puffy, and Michael Jordan are three people he specifically writes about. I bet you didn't know that Michael Jordan was cut from his HS basketball team? He worked hard to get back on the team and in his senior year brought them to state championships. Look at his career span now...

Some of the most successful people started at the bottom of the barrel. But they kept their vision clear and they kept going. They didn't listen to the naysayers. They just didn't give up. If they did hit a wall they found a way to go around it, on top of it, through it...

You can't quit, because when you quit and give up its over. As Russell says in his book, "its your job to make the universe say YES!" Persistence pays and the world rewards people who don't quit. You may think that the seeds that you are planting are going no where, turn that thinking around because those very seeds are going to bring you rewards. Great rewards.
So, thanks Russell for keeping me going, its only a matter of time now with all of the patience I have gained (read my last post) that the universe will reward me and buy one of my shows!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NBC Rumors

According to reports, Ben Silverman and his head of development are getting fired and the network is already dreading their programming slate for the new season! Could it be true? Could they hate "Knight Rider?" I found that story on two of the popular gossip websites! One of them Perez...and he usually is on the money with his "rumors." Another website said that he had not been into his office for over a month and had been at the Olympics "partying" if you know what that means...not the liquid kind of party like most of us do. Please say it isn't so. He is a smart man, so I doubt this is true.

Devil's Workshop is on the radar at NBC and I wonder what effect this will have on our show?!

Does anyone know if this is a bad rumor or not? I'll have to scour Variety today...