Friday, October 23, 2009

What I learned at Digital Hollywood

This week Digital Hollywood was put on at the Lowe's Hotel in Santa Monica, CA. What a great event! Even though the printed program was probably the most difficult program book to follow, I made my way to see several content summits that were held.

Day 1: My first round table was the luncheon where Mark Koops spoke. As many of you are aware Mark is a superstar in the TV world. He is co-creator of the hit series on NBC "The Biggest Loser" and managing director at Reveille. If you don't know that production company you should. Its got some major hits under its belt (the Office, Ugly Betty).

Next I hit up the Advertising Platform: Social Networks, TV & Video, Broadband, Mobile and Games. All things about understanding what advertising in the next generation will look like. Moved on to the Master Class workshop "Comedy: Superstars and Hidden Gems." Good stuff from Mike Polk from and Andrew Steele from Funny or Die. We ended up leaving it was a packed room and stuffy and hot - standing room only. Then I moved on to the Digital Hollywood Pitch Camp. This was a goodie - one of my favorite topics of course! 5 people got to get up and pitch while a panel of elites (Alex Barkaloff - EP Digital Lionsgate, David Gale - MTV, Mark Vega - Luce Forward) gave feedback on the pitches. Here is a breakdown of tips they gave in no particular order:
  • Know what is it you are conveying?
  • Audio & visual tools are a plus!
  • Have a pitch that is intuitive and subjective.
  • Innovative idea that understands the marketing of it.
  • You get it!
  • Know your audience.
  • Have a great one liner. (your logline)
  • Good idea that is adaptable.
  • Have energy and excitement.
  • You have to have a good idea, interesting characters are not enough!
The day ended with a nice cocktail reception by the pool and who doesn't love free drinks!

Day 2: I am still looking in the program trying to figure it out. The program is the worst piece of literature I have ever TRIED to read. I make my way to the Celebrity Media and Reality Shows Transforms to Broadband, Mobile, Social Media and TV. This one was a good one as well. Then on to the Video on the Smartphone Jumpstarting Revolution. Made my way to the Moguls, Indies and Youtube Stars hosted by David Gale and a few other great players. Last but not least, The Hollywood Real Deal Reinventing the Strategy the Platforms and Revenue Stream. This was a great session with Justine Bateman, Frank Nine, George Ruiz, Paul Kontonis. Here is a breakdown of tips this session provided:
  • Keep your web content to 3-5 minutes. 3 minutes = 3 pages.
  • Every episode has a mini cliffhanger that will demand attention.
  • Characters have their own social media networks.
  • Production/Writing Staff = key!
  • It involves the audience.
  • Demo/audience very important.
  • Its an added benefit if you have stars that can talk with major outlets because of their celeb status.
I would recommend Digital Hollywood next year to those of you who didn't attend. Its a great way to hear from the experts what is going on in the industry (changes, future). Its also a great way to network. I met so many new faces and some old friends too. I feel as a producer its important to be cutting edge. So if you don't know about what's ahead in the industry your stuff is going to suck.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Performance Pitching

Two Tuesday’s - November 10th & 17th

2 Week Bootcamp with Producer Nicole Dunn & Motivational Speaker and Author, Eli Davidson...

Most times you only have one shot to pitch you, yourself, brand or your book. You’ve got to get their attention in a short amount of time. This workshop is for anyone who has an idea and wants to pitch it. Authors, Experts, Brands, Business Owners, TV Show ideas, Segment Ideas, Book ideas…You’ll pitch and we’ll give you tips and suggestions to help you brainstorm to create the perfect pitch.

In this workshop Motivational Speaker and Author Eli Davidson teams up with Team Emmy Nominated Producer & Creator Nicole Dunn, to help you get into the pitching game. Television Producer Nicole Dunn has personally pitched in over 200 meetings (Network Executives, Development Executives, News, Show ideas, Experts, Authors, Directors, Producers, Publishers) Put Jet Fuel in your pitch!

Being able to write a good pitch is an important business tool to have, no matter what line of work you’re in! You’ll learn to craft your pitch to be unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd. People will respond and return your calls, and book you! You’ll be able to pitch something that people care about hearing more about.

With a well-written pitch you will attract the interest of almost anyone (Producers, Directors, News, Editors, Book Publishers – even your boss!)

Each class will focus on your pitch. We’ll hear everyone’s ideas and help you make them spectacular. The first class is hands on! Everyone must come with a pitch. Not only will you learn from other people’s pitches, you’ll learn from your own.

• How a great logline will book you every time.
• How to be relevant.
• You’ll learn that doing research about who you are pitching and their target audience will land you the job or not.
• How to spot a news trend and piggyback off of it.
• You’ll hear examples of good pitches vs. bad pitches.
• You’ll hear examples of good tips vs. bad tips.
• You’ll work on perfecting a 30 second elevator pitch that you can use to pitch anyone with.
• What Ideas are worth pitching?
• What problems are you solving?
• What solutions are you offering?
• How to Deliver.
• How to follow up.

Two Tuesday’s - November 10th & 17th 2009


2 Weeks for $249.99
$1000 dollar value!