Saturday, April 25, 2009

You Can Never Stop Networking!

I realized that with all of the developing that I have been doing with my many reality projects, I got out of the loop of networking to get a job on a show. I have for the last year and a half networked with the other kind of people in my business. Development people. I know that they handle a completely different end of the business and oftentimes you are dealing with an arm that solely deals with developing shows and getting them on the air and not staffing them. I never asked, but when I did inquire with a huge company I was told that they usually had no pull in getting people work even if they help to develop the show. They can recommend, but due to the amount of parties involved, everyone usually has their own people that they continually staff over and over. I know a hell of a lot of people, but these days its development people. I like them too!

I have worked at several companies that I know use the same folks over and over. Even those folks - some of whom suck at what they do - BUT there is a likability factor involved on some level and also a trust that has been built up that can't seem to be broken.

The last two weeks, I have put into full force a mission to find and get work. With the economy like it is, its time to build funds up and work on a show until a few of my own babies get the green light. It seems that many Producers do this, they juggle working on someone else's show but also their own shows.

Hmm. Seems easier than I thought. I find that it's easier to get a pitch meeting with my ideas than it is to get a job! BUT alas, I had two job interviews and one I know that I didn't get (BUT they did tell me they want me to pitch them stuff, LOL) and the other I am on hold for. The first sign (they want me to pitch) leads me to believe the UNIVERSE just wants me to pitch and sell a show.

I have several projects once again in Network LIMBO. But Good Limbo.

So, its in a Producer's best interest to always have your hands in both sides of the biz - Development and Staffing - Knowing as many Executive Producers and Line Producers in Hollywood that you can.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Talent Do You Have IT?

Last time I wrote about red flags.

This week talent. One word. You see you either have it or you don't. Yes or No. One word. Sometimes you have it and sometimes you don't. There are people who have it - but - red flags swirl all around them - and for what ever reason everyone can see the flags waving - but them. Difficult and terrible to work with. I once worked with a host that had the worst attitude and it just made them very ugly on the inside and the out. Nothing was ever good enough. This person had an amazing opportunity with something way bigger right around the corner - and they BLEW IT - a National Daily Show - Blew it! The universe delivered the message...GET OUT OF the Television Industry!

I love talent that just hasn't been discovered yet. With a lot of hard work and determination they end up making it. One of the reasons I love this business is that there is always something fun, interesting and exciting around the corner. I can't imagine working in an office doing the same job year after year and seeing the same people every day. That's why I love the Television Industry and being a Creative Producer.

I have cast over 100 makeover episodes and numerous shows and found talent in corners out there that may have gotten passed over. The gem. I look at TV and see many whom I gave a chance to that are now WAY all over the TV and looking great I must say. Success.

Five talents that come to mind that have come a long long way since my early producing days that I said "Let's take a Chance on them":

Devin Alexander - NY Times Best Selling Author and Veteran Chef

Lissa Coffey - Author & Lifestyle Designer & Relationship Expert

Eli Davidson - Best Selling Author - Coach - TV Expert

Paul McCullough- Next Food Network Star - Caterer and Owner of Paul's Kitchen

On the up and up:

Yasmin Spain - Actress

Brad the Love Coach - Love Coach - Host of the Male Room

I just love finding a gem. Recently, someone referred a great undiscovered individual to me who helps place people in homes - from foreclosure victims to huge celebrities like Puff and Kanye. I am excited to work with him. I also found a woman who builds skyscrapers! She does a job that most women would throw the towel in after one hour! If you know someone great that you think is undiscovered talent - do drop me an email - I would love to hear all about them!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We've all Encountered a Bully

I have to admit I have a secret...I am loving the show "Bully Beatdown!"

Ok, I watched a marathon of MTV today while I was nursing a migraine headache. Call it what you will, I call it research.

"Bully Beatdown," stars Jason "Mayhem" Miller a veteran of mixed martial arts who started his career in high school, and has over 30 wins to his credit against some of the top fighters in the sport. Basically he taunts competitors (the bully) in pre-fight festivities for money against one of his cronies.

I caught episode 1 "The Family Favorite," and episode 2 "The Roommate from Hell." Both episodes were equally great seeing the "Bully" get his ass beat.

It brings back sad memories of the "bully" I once dated in High School. Funny thing is this show would have been so PERFECT for him. He bullied everyone (including me) and no one ever challenged him. Looking back, I think that he may have in fact been a big pussy and all talk for we even knew. I don't recall one scrap, or one punch thrown on any guy that he taunted! It was all a verbal assault that could have very well been hu you guessed it--ALL SHOW. Well, "Bully Beatdown," gives the other side a chance to watch a total professional BEAT the BULLY! The nice guy gets to watch and win money. Its such a win-win situation.

I even love the fact that its a Mark Burnett production. They certainly have the market cornered in regard to boxing, the Contender was another good one that fizzled out on the NBC network but seems to be continuing on another network. I have a market that we are about to pitch that isn't cornered and the reality is going to be good.