Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We've all Encountered a Bully

I have to admit I have a secret...I am loving the show "Bully Beatdown!"

Ok, I watched a marathon of MTV today while I was nursing a migraine headache. Call it what you will, I call it research.

"Bully Beatdown," stars Jason "Mayhem" Miller a veteran of mixed martial arts who started his career in high school, and has over 30 wins to his credit against some of the top fighters in the sport. Basically he taunts competitors (the bully) in pre-fight festivities for money against one of his cronies.

I caught episode 1 "The Family Favorite," and episode 2 "The Roommate from Hell." Both episodes were equally great seeing the "Bully" get his ass beat.

It brings back sad memories of the "bully" I once dated in High School. Funny thing is this show would have been so PERFECT for him. He bullied everyone (including me) and no one ever challenged him. Looking back, I think that he may have in fact been a big pussy and all talk for we even knew. I don't recall one scrap, or one punch thrown on any guy that he taunted! It was all a verbal assault that could have very well been hu you guessed it--ALL SHOW. Well, "Bully Beatdown," gives the other side a chance to watch a total professional BEAT the BULLY! The nice guy gets to watch and win money. Its such a win-win situation.

I even love the fact that its a Mark Burnett production. They certainly have the market cornered in regard to boxing, the Contender was another good one that fizzled out on the NBC network but seems to be continuing on another network. I have a market that we are about to pitch that isn't cornered and the reality is going to be good.

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