Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NBC Rumors

According to reports, Ben Silverman and his head of development are getting fired and the network is already dreading their programming slate for the new season! Could it be true? Could they hate "Knight Rider?" I found that story on two of the popular gossip websites! One of them Perez...and he usually is on the money with his "rumors." Another website said that he had not been into his office for over a month and had been at the Olympics "partying" if you know what that means...not the liquid kind of party like most of us do. Please say it isn't so. He is a smart man, so I doubt this is true.

Devil's Workshop is on the radar at NBC and I wonder what effect this will have on our show?!

Does anyone know if this is a bad rumor or not? I'll have to scour Variety today...

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