Monday, September 22, 2008

What does your Pipeline Look Like?

Last year I tripled my income, this year I'm planting all the seeds! Last year has afforded me the luxury of going out and meeting key people in Hollywood and pitching my ideas. My pipeline will pay off - I took the time necessary to develop ideas and concepts and meet the key people in my industry that I needed to meet. Its been my dream to just focus on pitching my concepts for as long as I can remember. I can't stress enough to friends that finding something you love to do truly makes life happier and more enjoyable.

Again, all things take time and I have heard so many stories from other women producers and creatives where if they had given up or listened to those "NAYSAYERS" that their project probably would have never been produced. I know I am doing a lot - pitching and selling a television show or a movie is not the easiest thing to do... I read something recently that told how it took 13 years for the recent movie "The Women," to become the movie it is today starring Meg Ryan. I also previously blogged about Mark Burnett and his journey. Journey's are like pipelines. I have faith in the Universe and I am ready to receive all the good based on all of my hard work.

Did you watch the Emmy's last night? I really was quite bored by the whole 60th affair. I remember when I first moved to Hollywood, I went to the greatest Emmy parties and it was a big to-do! Now, instead of inviting friends over for cocktails to see all the fashion and funny speeches, I watch, do laundry, watch, email, watch, comment on fashion, watch and do sit ups...

The highlight of the whole affair last night: Ricky Gervais regaining his Emmy from Steve Carell!! That was hilarious! I of course loved the ending and Jimmy giving out the Emmy for best Reality Host...made me feel like it was a reality show mock which was brilliant. Other than that, like I said yawning...boring.

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