Monday, September 29, 2008


While watching the Today Show this morning, Matt was interviewing Alice Schroeder, who wrote "The Snowball, Warren Buffett and the Business of Life." She spoke about focus and Warren (being the richest man in the world) and how he built up his wealth - by utilizing his focus.

I think having focus on your project or end goal is very important. The majority of people out there don't achieve their end goals. They often give up before seeing the end results. You need to have great ambition. Odds are always going to be stacked up against you and you really have to keep your head down and focus on that goal.

People who actually have goals are more likely to succeed, because they have motivation. And you can't stay on goal if you lose your focus. And remember to set yourself apart from everyone else. Attention on your goal has to be sharp keeping focus at it all the time. The path will not always be smooth, and again in the end most people end up quitting.
Thinking about focus - are you a left brain or right brain thinker?

*"The right-brained person sees that all problems are connected and are related to each other in some way. Their reasoning can be divergent, and creative. The non-linear individual does not look forward or back. There is a sense of being in the moment, and a loose grasp on the concept of time. This style is interested in brainstorming and exploring options. They will be more receptive to the obscure solutions, and consider all possibilities. Events are connected, so even the most bizarre circumstances can be justified in the strong right-brained individual. This person has the ability to suspend judgment and explore the reasoning behind the actions of the individual. These type of thought patterns characterize the right-brained person."

*"The left-brained individual, or linear thinking person has a different focus. This person sees problems as separate and individual. Each problem needs a unique solution. The left-brained individual believes that by making lists, planning days, and adhering to agendas much can be accomplished. This person believes that by sticking to the rules you can get ahead. This style of thought is devoted to finding out how to get through a situation and onto the next. This style has a need to maintain control of separate events, so that everything can be neatly packaged and handled."

Keeping focus can be hard to do, and it will take a lot of due diligence. Just forget about the doubters because they will just fade into the background like they were never there to begin with. There are always going to be a few along the way. In the business of Entertainment, there will always be an idea or project being pitched just like yours, someone that passes, someone that likes it, someone that wants it etc. Believe in yourself and FOCUS, you'll get somewhere trust me!

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