Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer 2008 Pitch Schedule

(Me at my Kiplinger's Cover Shoot with the LA Skyline in the background!)

It was a summer full of pitching! I have to say a big thank you to Chris Ryan, my manager over at Oceanside Entertainment. He has done such an amazing job working on my team and booking all of my meetings and following up.
Our Summer pitches included the following Networks & production companies...
It was me and the "suits" at:


Stone & Company
A. Smith & Co.
Granada USA
Intuitive Entertainment

Whew, it was a full schedule that is for sure! We have 6 solid concepts and a bunch of bites. The biggest bite again is with our Devil's Workshop, the show Christopher Titus and I came up with. Here I sit typing and waiting ever so patiently... read my previous posts on how I am waiting patiently for the universe to reward me for all of my hard work! :)

I am in the process of preparing my next six concepts to hit the road with this fall. I've got two of them that I need write treatments for and 4 more that I still need to think up! I actually have two docu-soaps that I am researching. I really need to find more time during the week to really focus on doing the research. One of the subjects is in San Diego and I will need to go down there and sit and watch them a bit more...

In the mean time I am interviewing for Supervising Producing jobs and had a great interview on Monday. Keeping the fingers crossed, because my brain needs some outside stimulation - outside of my own office that is...I love working on shows and love being around people and creating!

I would love to have you comment on my blog! If you have not signed up to get my blog - please do so! I also want to hear if you enjoy reading my blog. Oh and if there is anything else you want me to cover - that you are interested in about pitching.

(I know I have not sold anything just yet, but I have huge bites and its only a matter of time and I know I can give you great advice if you are looking for a pitching question to be answered!) So please comment, sign up and tell me how much you love my blog!?


Anonymous said...

Hi, Nicole!

Thanks for posting over at Savorthesuccess.com when you have a new entry...

Can't wait to hear the outcome of this pitching. The patience will pay off!!


Anonymous said...

give it a rest. you'll never sell a thing.

Anonymous said...

Nicole!! You rock! If you keep on throwing it out there, suddenly - woo hoo - a ball will go out of the park. A "no" is simply incentive to try harder, change it up or go to the next place with it.
My life is exactly like yours on the waiting part. I have 4 projects in play -- one is fairly far along, the others are in the early first read stage, but I like you, believe in trying like a mad dog.
The fact that you pitched to all of those major companies/networks etc -- in and of itself is magnificent.
I am always thrilled when women succeed in this nasty business -- so get that name in lights girl!!


NicoleDunn said...

Love you babe!

Anonymous said...

Nicole rocks my socks.

michael.madnick@gmail.com said...

Hey Nicole,

Wow thats awesome.......I love that you keep it going.

It's very impressive that you have met with a lot of networks and big time production companies.

Someone is going to see the passion and creativity you can bring to a show.

I look forward to see the words - I SOLD A SHOW!!!!!

you ROCK


Anonymous said...

17 pitches and not one thing sold. It's time to change careers.

- Sarah

Anonymous said...

Please DON'T EVER STOP writing your blogs and pumping yourself up with hope.
The amount of false hope you sustain is unquantifiable.
I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts every day to catch up on how truly pathetic life has gotten for you. During breaks at work I've often involved some of my co-workers and we've shared a chuckle in your complete delusion. Alas, I felt that we were being too mean and now I only read them to myself. Your blogs are awesome and have become a complete guilty pleasure. Never stop writing. You're bound to sell something one of these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah read "Desperate Networks," its a great book and tells all about the crazy things and ways a television show has gotten on the air...then you'll see how hard it is to sell one.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nicole -- I really appreciate your hard work and determination. This is a tough business to break into. One of my favorite quotes is from Frederick Douglas who said something like "if there is no struggle there is no progress." While this was more about freedom of a people, it can also be said about personal freedom and realizing your dreams. There will always be people that will doubt you, or in the case of some of the previous posts those who will put others down to make themselves feel better, but you must keep going. Nothing really worth it in life has come easily or without detractors. In your efforts thus far, it is obvious that you have learned a great deal - so keep learning. Great artists didn't start out with masterpieces.. they struggled, repainted, painted again and again.. until later in life they created great works. One more thing about the detractors - when you sell the first show it will be that much sweeter. Keep going.