Tuesday, September 16, 2008


DRIVE...In my world, I will do whatever it takes to get me to the next level, pump up my pitches and sell a show to a Network. That's because I have DRIVE. If I didn't I would be depressed and a mess. Today I pitched Bunim/Murray and learned quite a lot. The person that I pitched was reality smart, greatly resourceful and gave me some additional insight for some of my concepts. My first meeting with Darnell's office for Devil's Workshop was as I predicted... "RESCHEDULED." I hear that office is notorious for rescheduling and cancelling meetings at the last minute. Man, I hope its not 6 for 6 coming up here...anyway I am rambling...back to DRIVE...

My drive is literally on 100 m.p.h. In Cathie Black's book, "Basic Black, The Essential Guide to Getting Ahead," she writes about DRIVE. She defines DRIVE "by doing whatever it takes to propel yourself to the next level, whether its aiming for a big promotion, looking for a new job, accepting a transfer, starting a whole new career or just figuring out the next step in a project. DRIVE is the act of moving forward on your own initiative, and its one of the most important traits to have if you want to succeed in your work and your life!" God I love her. This woman has DRIVE!

Cathie Black is the president of Hearst Magazines, which publishes some of the best known magazines in the world. This woman is genius. If you don't have her book you need to get it and read it!!

I have in the last nine months moved forward so much by my own initiative that I have to give myself a huge hug and kiss. It sounds corny but really have you given yourself the credit you deserve today? I owe quite a lot of credit to my career coach, Eli Davidson for getting me on track and helping me to visualize the life I wanted and now I am living that life right now. And thank you Chris Ryan. What more could I ask for...oh I know a CHECK in my hand!

Well, we got an option the other day for one of our concepts and I couldn't be more excited about that project! Big company, talent attached and fun concept! I would like to have 5 of my concepts optioned before 2009 rolls around. I have planted my seeds, and they are growing! So, Mike if your reading...Titus and I are looking forward to meeting you...FINALLY!?

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