Saturday, September 27, 2008


Hype. Hype is not always bad. Having excitement around your project is not a bad thing at all. Its actually really helpful if you ask me. The more people who blog, comment, or write about you - good or bad - its all good. Twitter, Digg you name it talk about me!! Hype makes me think of Marky Mark for some reason. Maybe, its because I'm from Boston, and the fact that life is all about Good Vibrations....ok I will stop.

Anyway, all that buzz means attention...attention your or my way. I have had so much attention; the cover of Kiplingers Magazine, the Huffington Post, network execs, three radio shows, and a bunch of newspapers interviewing me and honestly, I really want a bunch of people talking about me... people I love and people I could care less about. Its no fun if you don't have people talking about you and man are a lot of people talking about me. Good and bad what ever anyone is saying, writing, doing - I love it. And the fact that there are people sitting around discussing what I am doing and have I done this or that makes me want to take your face and rub it into a cake and lick it off of your face...and spit it all over you. Thank you!!! Right -Hype -I love it.

I'm back to developing a new set of six concepts so I have a new set of pitches to pitch! I have one option, one network interested in the Titus project, two pilot ideas that need flushing and a new author I am pitching to networks. I am the happiest I have been my whole entire life and the fact that I have absolutely nothing to write about makes me its all about the Hype.

Go watch your TiVo of the debate. I am ever patiently waiting for my Obama T-shirt to come in the mail for my rather large donation to the campaign...

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