Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Road To Making a Sale

I felt compelled to have to write something based on Sarah's comment and MR. Anonymous' comment from my last post. I totally respect her comment and love that I have people interested in my blog...

First things first. Selling a television show is no easy task. I would love to hear your success and all about you selling a show if in fact you are in the business! You just may have some secret ingredient that I don't have wrapped up in my pitches, but you could teach me!? You must not be in this business and don't understand how long it takes and how many seeds you have to plant before you get a sale! I've said before that I think it's a lot of seeds planted, luck, likability factor and lots of other things tied in.

I have seven concepts. I started out in January of this year developing and flushing out the concepts. So from January to May, I spent 5 months on developing. In May 2008, I made a shop and pitch deal for the project that I have with Christopher Titus. MIND YOU THIS WAS MY FIRST PITCH OUT!!! We then started pitching that concept in June of this year. Our pitches for that one show to all the big Networks went through to September! Like I said we have one big bite and one pitch left to do. This project only went straight to the Networks. And you are not sitting in a Network Executives office pitching a show with a major celebrity if its a piece of crap...They screen every pitch before you even sit in their presence! People have tight schedules and meetings get pushed and changed around. Networks are constantly changing their programming schedules around. Network Executives are constantly changing jobs. The Universe is swirling with constant flow.

So, from May until September I was also out by myself at all of the production companies listed pitching my other six concepts. Out of those 10 or so production companies I would say three have given solid passes. But 7 are currently interested in one to four of those six concepts...that's a pretty damn good ratio if you ask me or anyone else who has gone out there and pitched ideas to Network Executives and Production Companies.

You could in fact get a Yes and then at the last minute the network or company decides its not for them, so its a gamble. I am taking a risk pitching. I know I will eventually sell something. This blog is all about my pitching journey and the road to making a SALE!

Also, I love my career. I love what I do and I also love making television. I have my hands in quite a few other projects at the same time that pay me money. People in the film industry know all too well how hard it is to sell a film. There are some films that were huge blockbuster films that took years to get someone to invest in you don't know what you are commenting about...and if you do, please fill me in on your success selling a show. I'd love to hear about it!

My Persistence will pay off...

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Don't give away all your secrets!