Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Digital Trends in the Reality TV World

Is Hollywood going Digital?  There are lots of websites that offer content that isn't available on TV.  And there are TONS of choices that Americans have!  Computer vs. Television Screen.  I personally love watching stuff on my television screen - its big, its clear and it takes me away from my computer for awhile.  (My wrists kill after typing so much).  But that doesn't stop me from checking out the latest video fad on the internet.

Web audiences are growing bigger by the minute.  So are the number of talents that are hidden gems or the flower beginning to blossom into a big brand. The more pitch meetings I am in, the more people are asking what I have for Digital Projects.  Its cheaper than producing a reality series on television.  If a network is interested in an Internet project, they obviously know that it works.  Otherwise people wouldn't be flocking to see just what all the fuss is about.   And they wouldn't decide to sink any money into bringing it to the masses.
I have had many people come to me and ask "when is it right for me to have my own show?" When I do media coaching for experts and budding stars, I always tell them that "Oprah and Martha didn't start off as media moguls."  Martha started off with a catering company that catered her husbands company party.  It just so happened that the company was a publisher. After the event they approached her about writing a book about - catering.  Its taken a number of years to get to where she has and it didn't happen over night.

But we have one BIG advantage in our generation...  The Internet.  More people can easily see you or your brand in an instant.  If you have something that is popular, fun and timely - you could easily create your own reality website and show - all you need is a camera and the know how to upload it to your site!  Your show can be anything you want to showcase what you've got or your idea!  Anything.  I have personally come across a few that I think are brilliant ideas and have the potential to be Brand Gems.  Take a look at my favorite Mutha Mae...


This woman has the spark and the fun and the humor tied all in one that makes her one hot Missouri housewife and stay at home mom - that has her own show.  Its on the Internet.  Its here where she shares the hilarious and often absurd side of parenting.  Go have a visit to her world.  You will be seeing a lot more of her!

In my opinion Hollywood is going digital.  Its a big learning curve, but everyone is always on their computer so we are all adapting.  Even me as a Producer.

Got any Digital Stars or Gems that you know of?  Comment on their link in the comments box!

So does this mean that Reality TV is dying?  Nope.  It's not going anywhere soon.  But what is growing is Reality on the Internet.  In many cases I am hearing in pitch meetings that if something is a success on the Internet networks and the Sony's of America are more likely to invest in making that show a reality on television.  

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