Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Holy S*^# Factor

I have been getting a big influx of people coming to me with pitches over the last two weeks. My head is in a virtual spin which is a combination of my own projects and everyone else's creative stuff colliding into my world.

The problem I am having with everyone else's projects (and one of my own) is how do you make the show have that important twist that has that "Holy S*&# factor," and stand out from the rest of the crowd in the marketplace? #1 - there is a hell of a lot of competition out there. #2 - if it doesn't have a "Holy S*&# factor" you may as well go back to the drawing board before you go out to pitch. The buyers are rarely committing so you better have something so great that it basically knocks them over like a big gust of wind and they can't get back up right away.

Before I even attempt to go into the marketplace, I address every single angle including research and development of what's been done, what's being pitched and who I can align myself with. Even when I hit the market and do my pitches, I am constantly tweaking utilizing the constructive criticism on every pitch to perfect mine for the next pitch. Its always a work in progress. Its hard work and its dedication!

Not only am I constantly tweaking my projects, but I am also finding other avenues to dip my toes into. Now, I am exploring the Digital marketplace because web based projects are a great way to get something off the ground as well. And there is money and advertisers to partner up with. Build the base and get the hits and fans and then you have content to hit the TV marketplace with. Small mini episodes, that eventually can be formed into a sizzle to pitch networks with. I know that the market is still in exploration mode, but it is where its going. If you can't sell a show to a network, why not align yourself with some partners and go the digital route first.

Think about it before you set out to pitch - does yours have that "Holy S*&# Factor?" Because, they are undoubtedly going to tell you that its missing something if you don't knock the wind out of them with an angle they have never heard before -- and in this town that is difficult to do!!


Bryan said...

How can I tell if I have that Holy Sh!t Factor? ha....I just found your blog today but will be following. I'm not in the industry, but feel like I have the creative ideas to pitch, just have no clue to who or how. Shoot me an email, any advice would be great.

Bryan said...

Just found the your blog today. No in the industry, but feel like I have those Holy Sh!t Factor ideas. If you have some time, shoot me an email. I would love some advice on who or how to pitch them.