Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The 2009 Pitching Season Begins!

For starters "Happy New Year!" May 2009 be your money magnet! Or may you be a money magnet in 2009! I have not had time to update my blog. In fact I had become quite lazy about the whole updating my blog thing. I have been working on my next six concepts, in between working out at the gym and getting in the best shape of my life. Now, I just need to lose the small belly I acquired during the last six months! No problem right?

I am starting the new year off with my first pitch meeting at a production company with Jose Canseco. I came up with a solid concept that I am sure will get some attention as well as solid interest. I truly believe he is ready for America to forgive him, and to jump start his career path again.

My second pitch out next week will be with my other talent and partner Eli Davidson. We had a solid pitch record in 2008, with all kinds of interest. We actually passed at one major company for an offer they made (although we loved the woman who believed in us). I know we can do better. We like them, working within production companies deserve a decent paycheck. They are getting paid, and we need to be paid too. We have mortgages just like they do. Its only a matter of time and we will have a deal.

My third project which will soon have the attention of ESPN and MTV is a reality series based with the brand "Girl Powder." Its an amazing snow clothing brand that launched in 2002 and we are creating a competition series with some of the youngest and brightest boarders and skiers in the country. We are having a fun time with all of the casting videos at this point!

My fourth project which really should be my first, is finding my next producing job. Last year I took the year to focus on pitching and making contact with some major Hollywood players. This year I will also focus on the pitches and selling something, but also keeping my skills up and gaining a paycheck on someone else's show! So, I am available for hire!! :)

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