Saturday, February 7, 2009

Do Your Research Before You Pitch

I felt compelled to write this blog today. As a Creative Producer, I hear pitches all the time. At least once a day someone pitches me an idea. I have to be honest very few are good original ideas. And I would say almost 90% of them, the person has not done research about the idea or if the concept has been done or pitched before.

Oftentimes, the concept has been pitched, optioned, purchased and shot! If you are going to pitch a Producer something, see if it has been on TV before you pitch your idea! And if it has been done before and you feel compelled to pitch it, you better have some sort of amazing twist or turn that's gonna rock whomevers world your pitching. Yours needs to have the big guns twist that so-and-so's didn't have. Most often, people outside of the reality genre are pitching me, because they think they have a GREAT idea, and they just may think so in their world. I get embarrassed telling the person that there were 3 shows like it already out on the air! So here are some suggestions for those of you who want to pitch or think you have a good idea:

1. Once you think of an idea - hit GOOGLE to see if it's been done before!
2. If it hasn't, how is your idea going to stand out from everything else on TV?
3. Have your logline ready for your pitch. You should be able to tell me what your idea is about in under three sentences. If I don't get what your logline is, I probably won't get your idea. So work it out before you attempt to take up some one's time.
4. IF you have done 1-3 then have a one sheet ready to be able to send to someone who wants to read more than your logline. If they are interested in your logline, and ask for more they will want a one sheet or a meeting.

Be prepared, do your homework! Because... you may just pitch someone... like me, Nicole Dunn a creative producer that will partner up with you and get your idea out in the marketplace!

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