Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girl Powder

Go Team Girl Powder! We had our first Network pitch this past week. For the first time since we started mapping out the treatment, I did realize that there were some confusing parts to our pitch.

I do believe that given the right feedback and direction, anything can be tweaked and fixed to meet a network or Executives needs. I know that this show has great potential for the '2010 Olympic Season,' to premiere on a major Network. During our pitch we got to show 2 of the girls that we loved from our "cast of characters," that I feel really sell the show concept along with the amazing brand "Girl Powder." They loved them! We had over 500 Casting submissions and we had many submit videos and we picked the 10 we loved the most! We are still searching for the African American snow girl, Latina Snow goddess - so if you know of Girl Powder!

This particular network asked us for more - a casting sizzle reel. So, off I went into my friend Nick Termini's Edit bay and BAM - 10 girls that rock in a little over six hours on the reel! All different character types, competing against each other for a golden prize and all together in one house, the tension will mount and personalities will collide!

My partner and the owner of Girl Powder, is such an amazing person, go getter, very creative and I just have to say thank you to him for giving 100% to get this project off the ground! I just wish that everyone I worked with was more like him - he has a certain drive that is rare!! Together we worked really hard and we are "GOING to the 2010 OLYMPICS with this one!!"

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