Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is Success is a Formula?

I got to thinking about Success and what makes people successful. I feel like its a formula. There is a big difference between people who achieve and people who don't. People who achieve approach things differently than those that don't. They also use lots of common sense, are consistent, have confidence and most importantly - they have PERSISTENCE. And they won't be defeated.

I think about what I am doing and how persistent I have been with my pitching, development of a concept into a show, networking, meetings - and then there is TIMING. I am a true believer in being in the right place at the right time with the right idea. I am also a big believer in listening to your inner voice; its telling you something. If you feel you should jump on something you should do it right away. For instance, when Sony asked me for a my Promoter package and said on a Monday that they needed it for their next week's Monday meeting, I jammed to get it all together. I had it in their hands at 5:45 PM Friday night. Hand delivered. If you feel you should hold out for a better deal, then hold out for a better deal. For instance, one of my partners and I pitched a great show (which seems to be a popular concept) and we made a deal. The deal went through our lawyers and the production company's business affairs department only to come back with a number that was insulting. As a Producer, I could have worked on a show as a Producer and made better money. So we decided to hold out for a better opportunity. Look at us now, we have OWN interested.

Winners are made. I mean look at Oprah. Her first job was a reporter for radio in Nashville, TN. Martha catered a party for her husband's publishing company. After the party, they offered her a book deal - for a book about catering! We all start somewhere. Oprah and Martha kept going, they were persistent. If you have a good product or a good idea or a good show or a great brand, people will tell you. And if you don't believe in you who will?

The company Lillian Vernon, was started in 1952 by a woman named Lillian Hochberg. It sold for millions and millions of dollars. Lillian said that she was persistent and she never listened to the naysayers. Lots of successful people make the same claim. I have talked about it in past blogs. If you have good ideas and people tell you, keep at it. Keep going. Sometimes it gets bad before it even gets good.

I would love to hear about success and if you think that there is a formula to it? I know that its just a matter of time with all of my great meetings and great ideas and great talent - that a show will be sold. Its hard work. Its a lot of time. Its a lot of networking. Its a lot of an uncertain economy too but I know my team will make it happen!!


Lissa Coffey said...

This is SO true! Persistence and timing. And of course, being able to back that up with talent - which you have in ABUNDANCE! :-)

Zena said...

That's a great blog, Nicole. I think you're right. I'm still persevering. I'll let you know when I get to the finish line!! :)

Alan Mercer's PROFILE said...

You say it all Nicole. You are a winner!

muthamae said...

Something I found valuable during this process is surrounding myself with people who believe in me, who encourage me, and pick me up when I've been knocked down.

I think part of what makes me able to tap into my talent is that I'm good at reading people and responding to them. You have to be a sensitive and emotional person to be able to do that. Being that kind of person can be my downfall.I get caught up in the emotions of the process and often really get discouraged when things go badly. I'd love to be able to turn off the emotional side but it's what makes me so me.

That's why I feel having people in my life who believe in me and cheer for me and tell me I CAN DO THIS helps me to overcome the emotional side and keep going. Recognizing my needs and taking care of them while achieving success helps to keep me in balance.

They say it takes a village to raise children but I think it also takes a village to support a person with big dreams in Hollywood! Thankfully I have that with my family and supporters online and in person.

You're doing a good thing with this blog. It's really helped put things into perspective for me. It sounds like you've also helped others, too.