Friday, July 31, 2009


I got to thinking yesterday about all of the short lived TV shows out there. Don't you hate it when you totally get into a show, and then suddenly it gets CANCELLED!? It seems to me that the networks rarely give shows a chance these days. With so many channels and so many shows, its more than just a fad to cancel a show after one or two episodes. I understand that these execs have a bigger person to answer to, but come on guys give shows a chance!

So where I am headed is - when you create something you never know if people are going to like it. And in TV you never know. When you create something you are guessing that people will like it. Nobody really knows what the public will end up liking in the end anyway.

I wonder how shows like "The World According to Jim," "America's Toughest Jobs," "The Baby Borrowers," "Celebrity Circus," "Cupid," "Harpers Island," "Secret Millionaire," and "Stilista" even got on the air to begin with. Someone obviously had a good pitch and a good relationship with someone to make that happen. At one point I even met a writer on "The World According to Jim," who said the show was stupid and how he couldn't believe it was still on the air! The other side of the coin is they cancel something as successful as "Samantha Who?" People actually watched that show. Who made that decision? The show won Emmy's! Were these shows cancelled because the public didn't like them or were they network execs who gave them the ax?

Anyway, you just never know what people are going to like. So create your heart away. In the end what really matters is if you like it. If you believe in your work, its all that matters anyway...Well, I guess another thing that matters is making the moola.

What favorite shows do you miss? Write and tell me!


Alessandro Machi said...

I miss the first season of My name is Earl. After the first or second season, that show pretty much became inane.

Alessandro Machi said...

Cancelled also spells Cell Dance.

How about a show where people use cell phones to capture other people dancing live, then the image gets beamed back to a studio where people vote on their favorite dancers.

Then something else happens and people cheer!