Thursday, August 21, 2008

ABC Passes on Devils Workshop

We got word the other day that ABC passed on the Titus project. I had to mull it all over in my head for a day or two, before I could write in my blog. I thought for sure there would be a great chance that we would have some serious interest at ABC considering Titus has a deal in the works there. The notes that we got were "cool project that had promise," but after the initial comments, the second call got the pass.

Now, I got to thinking about the pitch in general. We totally went off topic with a new angle that Titus thought up the night before and I really thought that it took away from the actual concept as a whole. We took a chance and went with it. Titus and Foose spoke a lot about cars and the culture of cars, and we really missed the boat on the mechanics of how the show works - the nuts and bolts of the show. At the end of our pitch we handed them a packet and they stated "oh we have a lot of reading to do..." I just didn't think that the pitch went as smooth as our NBC pitch. Which by the way was one of our best pitches. We are still in the running over at NBC. Major white light for NBC and DW!

We all stayed in the conference room at ABC for a half hour gabbing about the pitch and other car related things...while I pondered about us missing the mark with the mechanics...ahh, but you can't live in the should have, would have world so you just have to move forward and tell yourself - you did great even if your pitch wasn't completely on the mark. I also realized another thing...In most of the network pitches I am the only woman in the room! Gotta love that. I just have to tell myself every day... that this show will sell, I believe in me, my concept and my work!

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Anonymous said...

Nicole, I love the honesty of your blog, and I'm sorry that ABC passed. They are missing out, that's for sure. You will definitely go far with the show due to your belief in yourself!

Here's to your success.