Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We are now pushing into month three of pitches for the Devils Workshop. Things are finally worked out with Titus (and his secret deal) and our pitch is now rescheduled at ABC tomorrow. I never in my wildest dreams thought we would be pitching past July 4th! We now have Chip Foose on board and can't wait to finally meet him tomorrow. The last two meetings he drove almost all the way up to LA from Huntington Beach and Darnell cancelled.

Anyway, we have ABC tomorrow and looks like the Darnell pitch is set in September. Gee, let me count the reschedules from his office...hmm I think we are going on 15 or something like that. (Not really but were getting up there) I have heard stories about people kept waiting in his waiting room while he strolled by 2 hours late eating an ice cream asking the person, so what are you doing here?! Yikes that is scary. I really hope that is a rumor. I know when I have my own production company...no more than 3 reschedules due to unforeseen schedule changes! But then again, this is Hollywood and anything goes with the big guys. And I say big guys because most of Hollywood is run by men.
The women I can think of in Hollywood that are successful and right up there with the big boys; Sherri Lansing, Nina Tassler, Lisa Levinson, Sally Ann Salsano, and the up-and-coming Nicole Dunn! :) Can you think of any more hugely successful women in our industry? I have met some amazing Directors of Development and they were mostly women and very smart!

I had a pitch over at A. Smith and Company Friday, and really liked them! I think they were more interested in me for work, but that is ok, cuz I would like to start working on something fun soon! I want this to be my own show, so I am holding out for DW.

Yesterday, I pitched Granada USA again. This time I brought Eli Davidson. She is so dynamite! This woman needs her own show reality tv watchers! So look out, cuz here we come! We have come up with a few show scenarios around her and so far we have three production companies interested in us. Each has a different show and scenario, we didn't plan it that way but we came up with it the day of the pitches and each development crew we met with inspired us to go in a new direction! So, the more people you pitch = the better your chances of selling something! I believe its a numbers and popularity game...and I am in to win!
Eli Davidson rocks!

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