Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lunch with Canseco

I had lunch with Jose Canseco and his girlfriend Heidi. Two of the nicest people I have met. What I can say about our lunch is this: Jose Canseco deserves a second shot with America and he also deserves to be forgiven by America. This guy deserves to have a chance to rise back up again. This may not be with baseball, because I know that baseball is less forgiving than the average American will be. America is all about comebacks. Can you imagine being 38 runs away from 500 home runs away from entering the hall of fame, but never able to have that chance again because you are basically banned from baseball forever? That sucks. All the guy has known his whole life is baseball. I feel for him and I am creating something that will give him the chance to make a comeback to re-invent himself. I believe in Jose Canseco.

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daryl grace said...

GOOD LUCK WITH THIS!!! Rick is a HUGE baseball fan so, by default, I am becoming one too. What are you cooking up for JC? Sounds good - no matter what. Its like when Shaq did that show about getting overweight kids healthy through exercise and good nutrition. I loved it. Sports figures spreading the love to their little fans.