Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Through the Grace of the Universe - Jose has entered my world!

The Universe is good to me. It only took less than a week for it to give me the answer that I was looking for! I am now in contact with Jose Canseco's team. They like the concept and we are meeting up to build on what I have created. I am currently reading Jose's book "Juiced," and am learning a bunch about Jose and of course, steroids. I just loved the A&E documentary that Jose's team and Heidi Northcott did recently, which is what inspired me to want to create a show around him. I believe that he will reconstruct and rebuild himself to become strong again!

I had a pitch meeting this week at PB&J Television. I just loved the ladies there! I am confident that they will want to develop something with the talent that I presented to them.

I am looking for a paying producing gig, while I get my own projects off the ground, so if you know of anything please get in touch with me!

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