Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Talent Do You Have IT?

Last time I wrote about red flags.

This week talent. One word. You see you either have it or you don't. Yes or No. One word. Sometimes you have it and sometimes you don't. There are people who have it - but - red flags swirl all around them - and for what ever reason everyone can see the flags waving - but them. Difficult and terrible to work with. I once worked with a host that had the worst attitude and it just made them very ugly on the inside and the out. Nothing was ever good enough. This person had an amazing opportunity with something way bigger right around the corner - and they BLEW IT - a National Daily Show - Blew it! The universe delivered the message...GET OUT OF the Television Industry!

I love talent that just hasn't been discovered yet. With a lot of hard work and determination they end up making it. One of the reasons I love this business is that there is always something fun, interesting and exciting around the corner. I can't imagine working in an office doing the same job year after year and seeing the same people every day. That's why I love the Television Industry and being a Creative Producer.

I have cast over 100 makeover episodes and numerous shows and found talent in corners out there that may have gotten passed over. The gem. I look at TV and see many whom I gave a chance to that are now WAY all over the TV and looking great I must say. Success.

Five talents that come to mind that have come a long long way since my early producing days that I said "Let's take a Chance on them":

Devin Alexander - NY Times Best Selling Author and Veteran Chef

Lissa Coffey - Author & Lifestyle Designer & Relationship Expert

Eli Davidson - Best Selling Author - Coach - TV Expert

Paul McCullough- Next Food Network Star - Caterer and Owner of Paul's Kitchen

On the up and up:

Yasmin Spain - Actress

Brad the Love Coach - Love Coach - Host of the Male Room

I just love finding a gem. Recently, someone referred a great undiscovered individual to me who helps place people in homes - from foreclosure victims to huge celebrities like Puff and Kanye. I am excited to work with him. I also found a woman who builds skyscrapers! She does a job that most women would throw the towel in after one hour! If you know someone great that you think is undiscovered talent - do drop me an email - I would love to hear all about them!

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Perry said...

My whole life people have told me to be a comedian. For over 30 years I HAVE been a comedian. I talk, dance, strip, play music, and improv for days. I've done hours of improv with Robin Williams back in the 80's and kept up with him. Yet, with all my friends in the biz, I've never gotten a break or a referral. I don't even write material anymore. I just AM the material. Maybe you can take a look? and hours of videos on And I haven't even TRIED to crack a joke... Hurry up. I'm starting to age.