Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Wow, what a month of exposure its been.  I am estimating that I have had over 2 million people read my cover story about how I invested in myself and my cover story with Kiplinger's Magazine. Its kind of crazy when you think about how 1 million people got a magazine with my face on the cover, delivered right to their mailbox, along with another 200,000 that bought Kiplinger's on the news stand.  Then I had exposure on The Huffington Post, this post is the most widely read blog in the US.  (5.7 million people!)  The Publicity Hound also featured our story and that reached over 50,000 people.  Next up; Seattle radio.  7 million and counting.  

I'm waiting for my contracts for one of my options to be drawn up, but it looks like a Dunn deal...no pun intended.

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Dena said...

I feel like that should be the name of your blog: dunndeal.

you keep moving and shaking Superwoman!