Sunday, October 5, 2008

Orchestrate Your Own Success

I am a strong believer in orchestrating your own success.  I've written about it in my previous blogs and we all know that there is no one who is going to do it for you, but you.  You have to navigate your road to your success.  

Opportunities will come and go.  You have to trust and jump and go for it because you deserve the best in life.  You can't see the best if you don't take the risk.  Create the life you want to live.  People who orchestrate their own success should never feel awkward or reluctant about creating advantages for themselves.  If you work hard you will get results.  

I've always been a go-getter, there is no doubt about that.  I have an option for project #2 that looks like it will have huge potential.  (That's option #2 in this round of pitches!) Along the way I have had one person besides my other half, that has believed in me from our first meeting.  His name is Chris Ryan. Together we make a great team.  I have someone that books my meetings, negotiates my contracts and keeps me in the loop with new executives and new production companies.  From the seeds we have planted over the last three months, I have some great contacts that I can go back to and pitch my next set of six concepts.  But it all comes from me orchestrating my own success.  Before Chris, I would cold call and set up meetings on my own and pitch what ever executive would let me pitch.  

My first "development deal" (if you want to call it that, I chock it up to a learning & great work experience from Howard Schultz, to build my creative skills) in Hollywood was with Lighthearted Entertainment about 4 years ago.  I had a great creative writing partner who had a contact there and we set up a meeting and pitched.  It was literally our first pitch out and they liked what we had.  I learned so much from this deal.  In the end I learned that sometimes you have an idea that you think works brilliantly, it gets refined and refined over and over until everyone has a say and then its too late... your deal is up, and they lose interest.  That never stopped me.  I kept orchestrating my success.  I still pitched, and still came up with fresh ideas even when people said "keep at it, you'll get a hit someday."

Act fast.  Be creative.  Come up with as many alternatives as you can to try and make it work. Give it your best.  There is no guarantee and in Hollywood they can open the trap door from under your feet at any time.  Whhooopp...

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