Thursday, October 2, 2008

Success in Sight

For the last week I have been thinking about success. There are lots of successful people in our world. A few of mine; Oprah, Ben Silverman, Mark Burnett, Cathie Black, Eli Davidson, Ariana Huffington, Tom Brokaw, Warren Buffett. In the book 'Basic Black,' by Cathie Black she states that "no one can define success and personal satisfaction for you, except you."

I got into a funk the last two days, I think because options and decisions are taking a long time. I started to get frustrated thinking about how long it takes and how much patience and time it takes to actually pitch, develop and sell a concept. For two days, I had to tell myself that the frustration will pass, the frustration will pass. For a milla second, I did think about what would I do if I did take on another career?! Dear lord that thought passed too, because honestly I couldn't think of too many other things that I want to do - I love producing and creating television way too much.

It all started in second grade. At my house in Massachusetts we couldn't watch television after the nightly news ended. So, this meant going to the bus stop the next day and listening to Katie (my friend for almost 32 years - since Kindergarten) tell recaps about tv at her house the night before. I was tormented with tales of the Love Boat, Charlies Angeles and Fantasy Island. In a good way.

Some days I would listen intently and savor every morsel of what happened the night before aboard the beautiful ship traveling to tropical or mysterious country, with vacationers aboard the "Love Boat" where Gopher, Dr. Adam, Isaac, Julie and Captain Stubing tried their best to please vacationers and sometimes help them fall in love.

Other days she dripped small sexy details about my favorite characters on Charlies Angels. Three beautiful ladies Jill, Sabrina and Kelly who went undercover to solve crimes. God I loved hearing about them. Kelly Garrett was my favorite (Jaclyn Smith). I had all of the collector cards. In fact in second grade I remember Katie and I laid them all out (they had a puzzle on the back) and they blew away and Rusty Bent (the bad ass in our grade) started to collect them and threatened to keep them. I cried and told him they weren't mine, and eventually he gave them back.

The moral of my rant about not being able to watch tv as a kid...I went in to school and retold Katie's stories just as they were my own, as I if I had watched them. In fact I hadn't - but nobody knew that I hadn't. And in second grade my love for television stories and shows was born.

So two days ago, that thought of frustration came and went. Things take time. And I define my own success. People can comment or have an opinion about anyone and their success, but we as individuals are the ones who define our own success. It also takes direction, purpose, vision and action. I am living my best life, doing what I love and I define my success. I am confident in my abilities and that I am a talented successful producer. God, I love television. Now somebody BUY a show - not just an option - a Flat out BUY... :) He he.

On a side note...I need a new creative any ideas you want to collaborate on?

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Ms. Shugrue said...

OMG! I forgot about those cards and the puzzles on the back! I NEVER finished the puzzle. In 2nd grade my friend Laura Kelwick and I used to bike to Framingham where no one knew us and pretend we were the Angels--Kelly was also my favorite, but as my name is already Kelle, I told everyone my name was Jaclyn (she was Cheryl). Good memory!