Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lawyers, Options and Credits - Oh Boy!

It has all boiled down to Lawyers, options, credits and creating right now.  

I have been working with a few new partners on a couple of new reality ideas for the next round of pitching.  The last two weeks have been spent organizing my thoughts for new concepts, dealing with my entertainment lawyer and the negotiations on this latest option.  

As I wrote about in a previous post, I got an option for another project and landed a superb lawyer through my boyfriend and his long time lawyer's colleague on the tv/film side.  We want the best possible deal so that means getting the lawyer on the negotiations from the beginning. Because, I have only reached the Supervising Producing level, we are negotiating future credits. I know that I can do anything I put my mind to.  Other industry folks who don't know me well enough don't obviously know what I am capable of, like the Executive Producers that I have worked with.  Bottom line can she showrun?  Listen, I did a damn good job on the last job, and even though I have only one credit, I know I rock.  Just ask my old EP's, Network Executives and others that I worked with.  

So, we are negotiating the Creator and EP credits.  At this point, I don't care if I am Creator and EP and I don't showrun and deliver every episode.  You want to do that, than ok.  Pay me and I'll just keep creating and making more shows to sell.  That is the goal.  I am having a blast doing what I am doing...

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