Friday, October 31, 2008

Reasons for not Blogging

My Little Protege Lacy!

I figured it was about time that I wrote about why I have not written any blogs for the last three weeks.  First thing, I have been totally consumed with a new project that fell in my lap with Branded Entertainment and the internet and I am rather liking it!  Secondly, one of my television options is being negotiated lawyer to lawyer.  Now that I have a great lawyer, it seems that the potential to get development money is really looking good on this one.  Thirdly, we also have two other parties interested and we're ready to play our cards right if the company starts to balk! Reason number four, I am too tired at the end of the day to be inspired to think anymore and write!!

For the next phase of pitches I need to work on developing the next six to take out with me.  I have three that are great and already ready - need three more.  Because I spent the last few months pitching, I am now working again with this project that I mentioned above, and the potential to rake in a boatload of cash is looking quite good!  

If you have an idea that you want to develop and partner up on, as I said above I am looking to develop three other reality ideas.  I get people every day that write to me and pitch me on the phone or email or in person, and I am on the hunt for a great project that will sell!!  

I thought a lot about the blog and want to retire it when I finally sell the project I spoke about that is in negotiation.  The reason I started this blog was to blog about the journey.  Its been about a month since I stopped pitching and I won't be pitching heavy like I was until next year. I did get some great feedback about the six concepts and for most every pitch they liked anywhere from 1-4 of them.  So I am proud of what I accomplished.   I won't be completely satisfied until I see it on the air.  

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Satya said...

congrats on everything nicky - you are an inspiration - i want to see the magazine! hoping we get to meet soon - i'm back in town - xo