Monday, July 28, 2008

3 Ball Entertainment

Today, Eli Davidson and I pitched 3 Ball Entertainment. The development team likes me over there. They are an engaging group that really is interested in my ideas and concepts. I especially love Dan...I raved about Eli and the show that I was trying to create around her. At the time when I pitched the first time I didn't really have a solid concept for a reality show for her yet. We are getting closer, and it will be really interesting to be able to develop something with them around her. As you probably are aware, she is my career coach! She and I have wanted to do a show since 2006, and it really feels like the timing may be more right now than ever.

I forget if I posted in my blog yet my big news? I was recently interviewed for a major financial magazine and they called the day after my interview and asked me to be on the cover of the October 2008 issue of the magazine! They said they were so inspired by my story and how I invested $1,000 dollars in myself - I said it was the best $1,000 dollars I have ever spent on income tripled, people responded to me better and Damn it I am GOING TO SELL A SHOW!

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