Saturday, July 12, 2008

Greatest American Dog

CBS in its commericals states, "Greatest American Dog, one of the best reality shows out there..." "Don't miss Greatest American Dog...the new SUMMER HIT???" "Greatest All Time Reality Show?" UHH...yeah for about a minute while I was watching the commercials it seemed like it could be good...until I actually tuned in. Fun for all of about 20 minutes. I am sure that the idea sounded good at first, pitting 12 dogs against each other each week - eliminating one dog to find the Greatest American DOG. Hmm. Honestly, do we really need and want to see a dog reality competition show? The question is, how bored are you? Could it be the next franchised series up there with the likes of Survivor?! I seriously doubt it. There isn't much substance and the contestants and the challenges are lame. Pet lovers will be in doggie heaven watching this series, but for the average viewer and us REALITY on to another series on a different network.

The series is hosted by Jarod Miller, who seems to have appeared out of no where. Apparently, he is a pet expert combined with a lack of TV personality. As far as I am concerned he should stick to Animal Planet and the Morning Shows. I'm sure he's a wonderful guy with vast knowledge of animals and newbies have to get their start somewhere...

The judges UGH...even more depressing. Victoria Stillwell, who councils families with pet problems is clearly the best of the bunch. Wendy Diamond, an animal lover seems to me better suited on a small time cable show. Alan Reznik, is the biggest snooze out of the three. He may have a passion for dogs, but man he made me want to slit my wrists.

The Dog on the skateboard was my favorite. I say he should win the $250k.

I don't know about you, but I don't need to watch 8 episodes - 20 minutes was enough for me...

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