Thursday, July 24, 2008

CBS Passed on DW

We got word today that Ghen Maynard over at CBS passed on the "Devil's Workshop" with Christopher Titus. I hadn't imagined it on CBS to begin with. I feel like the Network has programming geared toward older Americans, and is considered by many as a less hip and trendy network. Also, I hadn't had them on my vision board at all... The comments we got back - it was too narrow. I wonder now, too narrow because of audience ie. older audience and really wouldn't have the audience for it? or too narrow in concept? These are notes I want to know to see what I am missing in my concepts as I am out pitching...or not missing in the case of it just wasn't right for a certain network...becuase it needs to be on NBC!

On another note, I was interviewed for a major financial magazine regarding the career coaching I did last year with Motivational Speaker, Author and Coach Eli Davidson. She helped me triple my income and set the path for pitching my show ideas to the big guys! To make a fun story even funner...they emailed me today saying that I am going to be on the COVER!! How fun is this?! My photo shoot is set for August 1st! I had been visualizing August 1st as the big kick off to a busy end to the year selling, selling, selling my shows!!!

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