Monday, July 14, 2008

My Monday VH1 Marathon

It's Monday and I am in bed! I had a small surgery this am and I now I get to catch up on my VH1 Reality Shows. Shows I watched today: Brooke Knows Best and I love Money...TWO shows that I admit will be my guilty pleasure when I am home alone and bored shows.

Brooke Knows Best. Since the family has now broken up and Nick is in jail, Brooke is breaking away from her family and getting her own place. She is very cute and her dad is so annoying! I know he loves his baby and everything, but he is the biggest overprotective nut I have ever seen. He can't get over the fact that his daughter is growing up. He can't let her be excited about being on her own and that she doesn't need his protection anymore. He is a complete freak. And he tries so hard to jokingly convince her to let him be the THIRD roommate with no avail!

Her apartment is the bomb though. Pink Sneakers and VH1 are definitely trying to give the show that look of the "Hills" and also put in cool music during those "Brooke scripted moments," where she has a small moment. In the end of the episode Brooke puts on a pouty face and tells Dad she really doesn't want him to go...COME ON NOW. She is being a total sweetheart to him but look we all know that she can't wait until he drives away in his Ford Escape rental..."Bye DAD..." They laugh as he drives away! VH1 has dumb commercials starring the two roommates that really are STUPID.

I Love Money. This one is a total guilty pleasure. 15 cast members from VH1's "Love" Franchise of shows compete to win $250k! The contestants are better on this show than they were on the "Love" shows they were originally on...PROBABLY because they are totally into winning an actual cool prize! I mean Rock of Love is a great show, but really do you seriously want to be Brett Michael's girlfriend?

That guy has had more "nasty hootenanny" than I'd like to think about and uh although the show is friggin genius, love is never gonna last with him. He still has to fulfill one more installment of Rock of Love doesn't he? So, no matter what if you compete to be his main woman on the show - in the end you will only be his tv girlfriend. Besides he wears more makeup than you and I, and he must be losing his hair - hence the bandanna...and he doesn't have the same washboard abs as he did in PLAYGIRL...

Flavor of Love. I don't think I need to say much about the show or him for that matter. Can you seriously imagine yourself with a guy with a clock, big time baby mommas and 6 kids in tow? And what about I Love NY...any guy who wants to be with her and her momma - have fun! Not only is she a hand full but her momma is a nightmare. Total bad boob job too...

Anyway, I Love Money is good for what its worth and if you are bored, home alone or with a gal pal the show is fun.

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